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csim start XXXXX - Hidden command to generate calls
Voice stuff I use a lot:
sh call act vo br - Good summary of active calls
sh voice port sum - Shows FXO/FXS/PRI ports in use
sh isdn status - Check if your PRI is up/established correctly
sh controllers t1 - Good for PRI/T1 interface status/error checking
sh voice dialpeer sum - Summary of patterns/destinations
sh ephone / sh ephone reg - Good with CME and ephones, nice with using | filters
debug isdn q931 - my fav when dealing with PRI/BRI calls on Cisco Voice router.
traceroute mac
show ip traffic - show summary of router traffic
show archive config diff Show what is different between startup and running configs
show interfaces gigabitEthernet 0/1 capabilities
Voice Metrics
Over the air and wire sniffer captures

Check to see if UP6 traffic is being generated continuously.
Make sure the WLAN has the right QoS profile and the Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM) policy.

Most of the questions asked for LBCAC are applicable for voice metrics.
Debugs and show commands on the WLC for voice metrics:
show 802.11a/b/g o show wlan <wlan id>
show ap stats 802.11a/b/g <ap-name>
show ap stats 802.11a/b/g <ap-name> tsm
show client tsm 802.11a/b/g <client-mac> <AP mac>
debug iapp packet enable o debug iapp error enable
debug iapp all enable o debug client <client mac>

Debugs on the AP for voice metrics:
debug dot11 tsm
debug lwapp client voice-metrics
debug voice-diag