Multicast routing needs to be enabled on the routers leading to server. PIM needs to be enabled on all interfaces
IGMP allows hosts to tell a router it wants to receive some multicast traffic.
Enable IGMP snooping so the switch knows where to forward multicast traffic.
Multicast macs always start with 0100.5e, 25th bit is always 0 and the remaining are copied from the lower 23 bits of multicast group ip

(S,G) S is source of the multicast stream (server) and G is the multicast group address
(*,G) * refers to Rendezvous Point (local router) and G is the multicast group address
Any source multicasts, (S,G) requires a parent (*,G)

sh ip mroute

verify multicasts routes     Both Entries needed  *, G   S,G

sh ip pim neighbor

verify neighbors 
verify who is the PIM DR 
Verify PIM version

sh ip pim rp

verify you can see the pim rondevu point

sh ip pim interface

verify pim is configured

ip multicast routing

global command to enable multicast

Some Switch Commands

show ip igmp snooping
show ip igmp snooping vlan xxxx
show ip igmp snooping groups
show ip igmp snooping mrouter
show mac address-table multicast